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We at Creative Works would like to wish everybody sitting their exams the best of luck. Remember exams are like birthdays – they come with a lot of expectations and get over even before you know it. So look on the bright side, your exams will be over before you even realise and you’ll get on with enjoying the summer with the rest of us !

For any parents or friends looking for “Congratulations banners” for completing their exams, we are now taking orders. We are doing a special offer at the moment, when you order one banner you can get a second one half price. This is ideal where you have more than one teenager sitting their exams, or for parents of different families who would like to team up to avail of this special offer.

Exam Banner

Best of Luck Exam Banner

Exam Banner example 01

Example of our Exam Banner in study hall

Exam Banner example 02

Example of our Exam Banner in class room


Exam Banner post 02

Creative cheating !!

Exam Banner post 01